Descriptive text

      Descrpitive text


A descriptive text is a text which lists the characteristics of something.
To describe a particular person, place or thing.

Ø  Identification     : it identifies the phenomenon to be described
Ø  Description         : it describes parts, qualities, characteristics
Ø  Conclusion(optional)
Language features:
Ø  Focus on specific participants
Ø  Use of attributive and identifying processes
Ø  Frequent use of epithets and classifier in nominal groups
Ø  Use of simple present tense


My cat is a male cat named Pussy.

It has big body with soft white fur. Its eyes are round and big. It has long thick fury tail. Its face is oval with long whiskers.
Pussy is a lazy cat but it is very funny. It sleeps during the day. It awakes at eating time only. It doesn’t like playing but it likes lying down on the sofa. Anyway Pussy always makes me smile. Its sound is funny. And it always accompanies me doing my homework. I really love my cat, Pussy. 

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