Narrative Text

*      Definition:
Narrative text is a text which contains about story and its plot consists of climax of the story (complication) then followed by the resolution.
*      Purpose:
To amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or vicarious experience in different ways.

*      Generic Structure
§  Orientation: It sets the scene and introduces the participants of the story. It tells about:
v  The story’s setting
v  The time when the story happens, and
v  The main characters of the story

§  Complication/ Series of Event: It shows when the crisis arises. It includes situation activities or events the lead to the climax or complication.
§  Resolution: It shows when the crisis is resolved, for a better or worse condition.
§  Reorientation: It shows the comment of the writer or it presents the moral value of the story (optional).

*      Kinds:
Ø  Myth- a tale that has no proof of true events
Ø  Legend- a tale passed down through centuries
Ø  Fable- a fictional tale involving a fictional plot and/or characters
Ø  Folklore/fairy tale- a tale that is invented by a particular social group
Ø  Fiction, mysteries, science fiction, romances, horror stories, adventure stories, historical narratives, ballads, slice of life, personal experience, fantasy and etc.

*      Language Feature
Ø  Use of adjective to build noun groups to describe the people, animals or things in the story, such as . . . . a nice, diligent and kind-hearted man;
Ø  Use of time connectivity and conjunctions to sequence events through time, such as however, although, later, then;
Ø  Use of adverbs and adverbial phrases to locate the particular events, such as once upon a time, long time ago;
Ø  Use of past tenses, such as Aji Saka went to the kingdom, measured the size of the turban . . .;
Ø  Use a action verbs to indicate the actions such as fled, explained, provided, smashed; and
Ø  Use of saying and thinking verbs to indicate what characters are feeling, thinking or saying, such as realized, decided

*      Example:
The Story of Lake Toba
Once upon a time, there was a man who was living in north Sumatra. He lived in a simple hut in a farming field. They did some gardening and fishing for his daily life.
One day, while the man was do fishing, he caught a big golden fish in his trap. It was the biggest catch which he ever had in his life. Surprisingly, this fish turned into a beautiful princess. He felt in love with her and proposed her to be his wife. She said; "Yes, but you have to promise not to tell anyone about the secret that I was once a fish, otherwise there will be a huge disaster". The man made the deal and they got married, lived happily and had a daughter.
Few years later, this daughter would help bringing lunch to her father out in the fields. One day, his daughter was so hungry and she ate his father’s lunch. Unfortunately, he found out and got furious, and shouted; “You damned daughter of a fish”. The daughter ran home and asked her mother. The mother started crying, felt sad that her husband had broken his promise.
Then she told her daughter to run up the hills because a huge disaster was about to come. When her daughter left, she prayed. Soon there was a big earthquake followed by non-stop pouring rain. The whole area got flooded and became Toba Lake. She turned into a fish again and the man became the island of Samosir.

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