Expression of Congratulation, Compliment, and Gratitude

1. Expression of congratulation, compliment, and gratitude

a.       Congratulation
Congratulation is an expression that we use to give the congratulation utterance when he/she succeeds in doing something.
b.      Compliment
Compliment is an expression that we show or say to express/give praise. Some people use compliments to “butter up” somebody or to flatter in order to increase good will, for example:
Ø  on his/her general appearance
Ø  if you notice something new about the person’s appearance
Ø   when you visit someone’s house for the first time
Ø   when other people do their best
c.       Gratitude
Gratitude is an expression that we show or say to express grateful feeling to other people. When speaking English, you say “thanks” very often. Please say “thank you” when people give you something, help you do something, wish you something and give you a compliment etc.

Example expression:

a.       Congratulation
I’d be the first to congratulate you on . .
It’s very good of you to say so
I’d like to congratulate you on . .
How nice of you to say so
Please accept my warmest congratulation
Thank you very much for saying so
May I congratulate you on . .
I’m glad you think so
I must congratulate you
Oh, it’s nothing special actually
It was great to hear about . .
Oh, I have a lot to learn yet
Oh, not really
Congratulations on . . !
Oh, nothing to it, actually
Well done/Fantastic
Oh, thanks

b.      Compliment
Nice try/ Nice work
Really ?
Keep up the good work!
I will
What a nice dress!/ Outfit!
Thaks a lot
Wow, good job!/ Good grades!
Thank you

c.       Gratitide
I’m so grateful for . .
Don’t mention it
Thank you very much for  . .
It was my pleasure
Thank you for . .
You’re welcome
That was nice of you. Thank you
No big deal
Thaks a lot for . .
I;m glad that I can help you
I really appreciate . .
My pleasure
Thanks/many thanks
Forget it
Thanks a million
That’s what friends are
Thanks a lot
It’s all right

Example dialogue:

a.       Congratulation
Yoyon   : Olvieee!! Congratulation on winning in Miss Universe Contest 2012
Olvie      : Thank you Yooon.

b.      Compliment
Norman               : Yesterday I bought this dress. I’ts for you
Widya                  : Oh, Norman how kind you are. Thanks
Norman               : It is nothing

c.       Gratitude
Jerim     : Tyng, here is your mirror. Thank you.
Tyng      : You’re welcome. Are you sure you don’t need it anymore
Jerim     : Absolutely

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